News and rumours have been in the public domain for some time and now full details of a rather monumental tie up between Samsung and JayZ have surfaced. Firstly, the deal is worth approximately $20 million USD, an unprecedented outlay by Samsung considering the current economic outlook.

Forbes online have it thus: “Samsung signed Jay-Z to a $20 million deal to give away the album on July 4th to the first 1 million users on the Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone, the Galaxy S4 smartphone, or the Galaxy Note II tablet. According to the Wall Street Journal, Samsung also paid $5 million to offset the costs of the 1 million albums being released for free – $5 for each album download.“Magna Carta” won’t be available to the public until July 7″

There is potential now for brand and artist to forge a longer term relationship which could see JayZ affiliated artists following suit and providing Samsung with pre-release exclusives. There are often pitfalls when companies align with one artist exclusively, after all they’re therefore only appealing to one particular fan-base. However, perhaps JayZ is different given his mass appeal and position as not only a recording artist but also as a hip hop mogul with the ability to break new, global talent.

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