What is it?

A catalogue of over 45,000 tracks (and growing) from independent artists, pre-cleared at affordable rates and available for immediate license for any of your creative projects. The catalogue covers music from a broad spectrum of genres from classical to hip-hop, ambient and electronic.

How does it work?

Each track has been tagged with a series of searchable references covering genre, tempo, mood, theme and ‘style-alike’. Users can conduct broad searches entering key words, styles, or band names (for style-alikes) in the search bar or conduct narrower searches with more detailed specifics regarding tempo, instrumentation, themes etc. by using the advanced search tool. Results can be streamed via the store and once registered on the site users can create playlists, share playlists and download preferred tracks. Users can also submit a music brief by clicking on the ‘Help’ button, and brandamp will compile a playlist and share with you. Pricing is readily available to reference for budgeting purposes. Once a preferred track is identified, brandamp is notified and final terms of the licensing deal are confirmed and relevant licenses and invoices issued.

Register and try it out:

For further information:

Please contact brandamp:   +44 (0) 207 158 5607

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